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UHell Press’s latest book, coming soon. #AWP14 #McHank

That’s the cover to the next book I’ve illustrated

Passing by West Commons I spotted yet another person with that dapper look down pat. The first thing I noticed was the straw hat and that was enough to flag him down for a photo.
Then all the pretty details…! The red stitching on the blue fabric band, the bowtie’s pattern, the particular color and crispness and shine of the wing tip brogues*, fantastic!
* Terminology from a great post by downeastandout for men’s dress shoes!

Check me out! …haha …didn’t expect this.

A couple fliers and a Plot canvas patch/ armband. Circa 2003 

Definitely one of my all time favorite San Diego bands.
Buy this box I painted if you’re into it… Or reblog if you have friends with dough…

This happens to me a lot, I was looking for something else and I came across this. Super proud of this— the only time my art was printed in Thrasher- a full page ad for my brothers in the band Sloe. I did the album cover for their first CD, Inexact Replica. March 2001 issue of Thrasher.

to be fair, I said much the same when it was a big hit
I drew one of my heroes, Ian MacKaye, from a photo by another of my heroes, Glen E. Friedman. 
Ballpoint and micron pens. 
I drew his face about twelve times in pencil and was about to give up and draw a skull instead but when I did I thought, well, that got the proportions right, maybe I’ll try drawing the skin on it. So here’s how it came out.
i am pretty sure Good Riddance played at this show, too.
Death autographed my sketchbook when they played at One Step Beyond in Santa Clara 1992. Legends!