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Had a great time seeing Arctic Monkeys from the front row for performances twice yesterday and always love seeing my good buddy, their drum tech, Davey Latter


HOW RAD WOULD IT BE IF Andrew W.K. PLAYED AT “FOR THE FUCKING KIDS FEST”? Tweet at him (@AndrewWK) and tell him how rad that would be!Art credit to mchank

SAVE THE CHE ACTION: Email Writing Campaign


Hearing all kinds of confusing information about what’s going on at the Che?

Wondering how you can help out?

We are currently in the process of compiling emails to send out to the chancellor to stress how important the Che Café is to us students, patrons, musicians and community members.

We want to write the UC administration and tell them about how upset we are with their decision to evict us as well as tell them about our great experiences at the Che and plea for them to help keep us open.

Nation of Amanda did my portrait and it’s so amazing I can hardly stand it!!!



UHell Press’s latest book, coming soon. #AWP14 #McHank

That’s the cover to the next book I’ve illustrated

Passing by West Commons I spotted yet another person with that dapper look down pat. The first thing I noticed was the straw hat and that was enough to flag him down for a photo.
Then all the pretty details…! The red stitching on the blue fabric band, the bowtie’s pattern, the particular color and crispness and shine of the wing tip brogues*, fantastic!
* Terminology from a great post by downeastandout for men’s dress shoes!

Check me out! …haha …didn’t expect this.

A couple fliers and a Plot canvas patch/ armband. Circa 2003 

Definitely one of my all time favorite San Diego bands.
Buy this box I painted if you’re into it… Or reblog if you have friends with dough…

This happens to me a lot, I was looking for something else and I came across this. Super proud of this— the only time my art was printed in Thrasher- a full page ad for my brothers in the band Sloe. I did the album cover for their first CD, Inexact Replica. March 2001 issue of Thrasher.